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The University of Winnipeg's Co-operative Education Program is open to undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Department of Applied Computer Sciences.  It is a three way partnership with the student, the employing organization, and the University of Winnipeg.

In order to be accepted into the Co-op Education Program, applicants will be reviewed and selected according to the qualifying criteria that includes:

1.  Being registered in a degree program (FoBE, ACS) at the University of Winnipeg and having completed 30 credit hours of study prior to working their first term.  (First year university students are eligible to apply as long as they anticipate completing 30 credit hours before the spring work term in May)

2.  Having earned a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0

3.  Submitting an application form, cover letter, resume, two references and an unofficial transcript (from Webmaster) by the application deadline.  (Co-op I deadline is always October 1st)

4.  Submit a signed 'Terms and Conditions' agreement by deadline

5.  Be a returning student to the University of Winnipeg after completion of their work term.

International Students must have either an Off-Campus Work Permit or a Co-op Work Permit.  A copy of the work permit must be submitted at time of application. If you do not possess either one, arrange a meeting with the Co-op Coordinator before/at time of application.

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